Student Research

Student Summer Research

ARCOM provides opportunities for students to pursue scientific research and scholarly activities. During the first-year curriculum, ARCOM students receive formal training in research philosophy, ethics, statistics, and clinical practice research. As a requirement, students must complete a CITI online training in Responsible Conduct of Research, Human Subject Research, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Conflict of Interest. Students are also invited to attend monthly Journal Club meetings with a clinical faculty member to engage in scholarly readings and discussions. Additionally, a newly formed Student Osteopathic Association for Research (SOAR) club gives students opportunities to engage with like-minded students interested in research and scholarship.

Each spring, students are invited to apply for a summer research stipend (between the 1st and 2nd year) through the college-wide ARCOM Student Research Application. To qualify, students must be in good academic standing and must complete an application that requires the following descriptions: 1) past research experience including time invested, techniques utilized and contact information from previous research supervisors, 2) research topics of interest, 3) preference for ARCOM faculty mentors, 4) external institutional research funds request with description of project. ARCOM faculty mentors review applications and make recommendations to the ARCOM Research and Grants Committee. Recipients of the award are notified in April of each year.

Priority Applications for PI Joshua Burns Lab Deadline: February 14th.

All Other Application Deadlines: April 1st

Please submit applications to alexis.danekas@achehealth.edu or research@achehealth.edu.

External Research Opportunities

There are a number of summer research opportunities outside of ARCOM available to medical students.