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To utilize innovative research and scientific collaborations for the advancement of health and wellness in our communities and to train highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Message from the Vice President of Research

Jeffrey Osborn, Ph.D.

Biomedical science and research have made outstanding advances over the past 50 years. The advent of the genetics revolution has led to the ability of physicians and biomedical scientists to come even closer together providing health care solutions from the fundamental parts of each cell to the personal treatment of the whole individual. The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) have embraced this revolution by launching the ACHE Research Institute Health and Wellness Center. Center research scientists are developing healthcare solutions to diseases such as cancer, obesity and diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. The expertise of internationally renowned physicians, scientists, and public health experts are providing these medical solutions from understanding the genetics of individuals and their cells to clinical research of new treatments and applying these discoveries within the Health and Wellness to how healthy lifestyles lead to an improved quality of daily living and maximizing the quality of extended lifespans.

And now the space age has arrived in Arkansas. Ebbing Air Force Base is now the international site for military pilot training from the F-16 through high technology F-35 aircraft. This new training center will be aided by the ACHE Center for Aviation and Aerospace Medicine. This Center will advance our understanding of the neuroscience and medical challenges of the impacts of high -speed air travel as well as the medicine of space flight that will take humans to the earth’s moon and planetary neighbors such as Mars and beyond. This Center will lead Arkansas’ economic development with new technologies for aviation and aerospace medicine for decades into the future.

This future is now. The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education Research Institute, Health and Wellness Center will become the major biomedical and technological research center providing Arkansas and the nation with the economic and health care resources that launch our nation to new destinations in our world and beyond.  We welcome you to visit the ACHE Research Institute Health and Wellness Center and find your place and home to join in this journey.

Obesity, Metabolics & Diabetes

Genetics, Bioinformatics & Personalized Medicine

Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disease

Clinical Research

Neuroscience, Aviation, and Aerospace Medicine

Rehabilitation Research


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