Grant Management


At ACHE, our Office of Grant Management plays a crucial role in supporting research initiatives and fostering collaboration with external funding agencies. Here’s how we contribute to the success of research projects and programs:

Grant Acquisition and Proposal Development

  • We identify funding opportunities from government agencies, private foundations, and other sources that align with the research priorities of our institution.
  • Our team provides guidance and support to researchers in developing competitive grant proposals, ensuring compliance with funding guidelines and requirements.

Grant Administration and Compliance

  • Once grants are awarded, we oversee all administrative aspects of grant management, including budget monitoring, reporting, and compliance with funding agency regulations.
  • Our office ensures that grant funds are used efficiently and effectively, in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in grant agreements.

Research Funding Support Services

  • We offer workshops, training sessions, and resources to help researchers navigate the grant application process and develop strong proposals.
  • Our team provides assistance with budget development, proposal writing, and submission logistics, helping researchers maximize their chances of securing funding.

Collaboration and Partnership Development

  • We facilitate collaborations between researchers and external partners, including industry stakeholders, government agencies, and other institutions.
  • Our office fosters strategic partnerships that enhance the competitiveness of grant proposals and promote interdisciplinary research initiatives.

Compliance Oversight and Monitoring

  • We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and institutional policies governing the conduct of research, including human subjects protections, animal welfare, and conflict of interest disclosures.
  • Our team conducts regular reviews and audits to monitor grant expenditures, project progress, and adherence to compliance standards.

Grant Impact Assessment and Reporting

  • We assess the impact of funded research projects and programs, tracking outcomes and achievements to demonstrate the value of grant investments.
  • Our office prepares comprehensive reports for funding agencies and stakeholders, highlighting the contributions of funded research to knowledge advancement and societal impact.



For grant assistance tailored to your research needs, reach out to our Office of Grant Management. We’re here to help you navigate funding opportunities and ensure compliance.

Contact us at grants@achehealth.edu to get started.